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Ashte Kashte is an ancient game of Eastern origin. The game is a race between 2-4 players which can be controlled by you or the computer. Choose how many players and who controls them in the opening screen of the game by clicking on human, computer, or none. Click the play button in the bottom right of the screen to begin.
Click the roll button located in the bottom right of the game screen to move one of your four game pieces 1, 2, 3, 4, or 8 spaces. Game pieces are moved around the board in a counter-clockwise, spiral motion ending with the square in the center of the board. Game pieces begin movement in the game on the starting square, also known as the resting square. The movement paths are displayed on the board in each players color for reference.
After clicking the roll button, the number you rolled is displayed above it. Click any one of your four game pieces to move it the designated number of spaces. If your piece lands on the same square as your opponent's piece, your opponent's piece is taken and must start over from the beginning. If your piece lands on the same square as your own piece, they become a double. Doubles cannot be passed or taken by any opponent's single piece. They can only be passed or taken by other doubles. Additionally, a double moves both pieces at the same time. Any piece sitting on a resting square cannot be taken.The first player who moves all of their pieces onto the final center square with an exact roll is the winner.

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