Campaign Trail 2008

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Act as campaign manager in this political simulation, where the goal it have your candidate elected. There are 60 days until the election. On each day you decide where your presidential candidate and his running mate will campaign. You have a total of $150 million to spend before election day. You can allocate up to $3 million in campaign funds for events and ads in up to three different states each day. To place candidates or money, click on the map. As you move your cursor over the map, you can see how many electoral votes each state is worth and what the current polls show for each state. States marked in red are leaning toward McCain, while states marked in blue are leaning toward Obama. States marked in gray are too close to call. A standard game starts 60 days from the election with $150 million. A quick game starts only 14 days from the election with $30 million.

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