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We recently completely overhauled the design of GameScene. There are a lot of aspects to the design. Here are a few points of interest:

  • We created a large footer for each page with many of the links that used to be on the side. This keeps these links on the page, but gives more room for the game.

  • There's the cool background graphic behind the footer. We love that.

  • The links now lead directly to the games. No more two-click process to get from the front page to the game through the instructions page.

  • Under each game is a series of tabs. Each tab represents things like sharing links, instructions, comments, high scores, embed links, etc. This allows us to put all of this under each game without it taking up too much space.

  • We're using some recent CSS additions to create the curved rectangles instead of images. It should make page loading faster, though it won't work too well on old versions of IE.