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Welcome to the GameScene iPad games page. The games on this page use HTML5 and can be played right in the browser on the iPad. Click on any game to play. You can also take a look at our list of iPad game apps that can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store. Most of these are free to play as well.

Air Raid
Protect the city with anti-aircraft fire
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Destroy the astroblobs before they steal the space bunnies
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Block And Roll
Fill the board trying not to leave any open spaces
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Bubble Trouble
Shoot bubbles into groups to make them disappear
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Collapsing Blocks
A simple match three game.

Use logic to deduce the solution to this classic mind puzzle

Dots And Boxes
Connect dots with lines and try to get more boxes than your opponent
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High Low
Guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the previous
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Knight And Squire
Move around the board to collect treasure

Knight Light
Shoot the candles to light the dungeon
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Memory Game
Remember the pattern and repeat it
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Push Around
Push the boxes into the correct spots

Place checkers on the board to surround your opponent's pieces.

Sliding Puzzle
Slide parts of an image to complete the picture.

Space Rocks
Shoot the asteroids before they hit your ship
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Place numbers in the correct row, column and block

Video Poker
Play a game of video poker

Word Food
Guide the worm around the screen to eat the food
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Word Wise
Link adjacent letters to make words
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